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Diversify your heritage beyond borders.


Why invest in Portugal?

In recent years, Portugal has attracted more and more people. Whether for holidays, to invest, or to live. In addition, the Portuguese are very nice people and very welcoming. They also have the lowest crime rate in Europe.

The Mediterranean climate and its exceptional brightness represents about 300 days a year. A very simple accessibility from the main international airports mainly thanks to daily flights for very competitive prices, and road infrastructures globally irreproachable. A cost of living among the lowest of the European Union countries ensuring a high standard of living, as well as a very pleasant quality of life.

How does it work?

Nowadays, we do more and more research via the internet. This gives us the feeling of being able to acquire everything easily and safely. However, for the real estate market, the internet can be an excellent solution to take an interest in the country, to have an idea of the market, but one rarely finds there the best opportunities of the market. The reasons ? The principle of supply and demand …. Often, items for sale at an attractive price can leave in a few days, even a few hours. Therefore, it is not necessary to put the product on the internet for such a short time.

That’s exactly why it’s important to find the ideal trusted partner to get the best advice possible, and above all, secure investment opportunities.. Don’t wait, contact our experts…


✓ A rental market that continues to grow, allowing good profitability

✓ A very attractive real estate market compared to European countries

✓ Excellent opportunities are to be seized in today’s market

✓ A very advantageous tax system

✓ A market with legislation that protects buyers



In short, it depends on your goals, whether it is the investment of an apartment, villa, building, or any other real estate property, it is important to ask the right questions.
We are here to guide you in your research and help you find the best opportunity.

We practice mainly in the Algarve region due to its current potential. However, our French speaking team is also qualified for the entire Portuguese territory. In addition, our main asset is the work as well as the customer service based on Swiss quality and professionalism.


Our 360 ° concept allows you to have a complete coverage on all the needs for your investment such as:
Sale / Purchase

We take care of finding you a real estate opportunity, as well as resell your existing property

Rental service

Through different channels we can manage the rental part and make sure that your property is rented. Both for the summer part of the week, or out of season in monthly rental

Construction and Renovating

Our partners are available to quote for any type of construction and renovations or refresh of any kind according to your requests

Amenities and Decorations

Our team is at your disposal once the property in your possession, to arrange it and decorate according to your convenience

Moving Service Management

For expatriates wishing to take a final residence in Portugal, we help you every step of the way, and our delivery partner will arrange a moving service for your trip Switzerland ⇄ Portugal 

Proximity with various banking institutions

A survey of different banking organizations is made for you to find the best solution for the financing of your property up to 80%

Legal service and notary

Our legal department takes care of the administrative part for the real estate acquisition until the final signature

Administration and Accounting

Our structure allows you to bring you an administrative management of your property, as well as the accounting for the rental part, domiciliation for foreigners and as well as with the tax administration



Our team and our legal department are responsible for providing you with the translation of relevant documents into French



Cash purchase price in euros € 100’000
Miscellaneous expenses (notary, lawyer, purchase taxes, etc …) € 6’435

€ 106’435

ANNUAL RENT RAW (estimate) € 11’000
Management and maintenance fees (20%) € 2’200

Annual insurance

€ 140
Property tax € 160
Co-ownership fees (condominium) € 300
Total annual expenditure € 2’800
Net annual rent (estimate) € 8’200
  • More details and information on request
  • Bank financing up to 80%



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